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causality and spirit

The totality of matter has no cause, so why does consciousness need a cause? The brain is a reducing valve for consciousness which is not separate from the totality of matter, which has no cause. A brain injury can send one into a coma, and so the lack of apparent consciousness has a cause (impaired brain), but the presence of consciousness implies a transcendence of cause and effect. Where does consciousness go when we are asleep or dead? In sleep as in death, consciousness returns to it’s transcendent creative eternal state.



Ever have one of those viral messages pop up on your PC trying to convince you you have a virus when you don’t? If you ignore the message you can continue using your PC without any problems. However, if you believe the lie, then you’ll play a game that is designed to cripple you. Many humans are cut from that same cloth, but instead of attacking your computer they attack your mind. They try to convince you there’s something wrong with your mind and then they offer you a “solution”. By saying yes to the invitation, you volunteer yourself to be butchered by their infectious slander, their sneering contempt and their childish, indignant scorn. Some groups need that appointed family trashcan, don’t be the scapegoat, walk way from the moral imbecile.

Escape from Sparktah

Escape from Sparktah

You don’t want what happened to Haymn to happen to you, do
you? If you knew what deep evil we are entangled in here, you would
escape from Sparktah immediately.

The way out of danger is to follow the line of least resistance, just as water flows out of the ravine.  When they call your name, it’s your time to fight so that you can survive for another day.


One was guilty of this – “miniaturization”. It’s comforting to draw people down to size, to remove the intimidation and make the person less overwhelming. That’s how “affection” can backfire, because sometimes we do not want to be shrunk down into something merely soft, small and cute. We often want respect, and not merely affection, the two don’t always work together.

vile projections

Written online were some mean and ugly projections that were intended to be disgusting and those disgusting projections were threw onto some people with the desire to humiliate them. One might have been shortly offended by these people. A projection is not always something you experience, it can be a nasty behavior one has read about or heard about, or it might be an exaggeration of an evil one might have had approached but not participated in. The “realistic” movies have a lot of vile bile in them, and over time it rubs off, especially when one is angry and has a desire to inflict pain on a target. I know the words and behaviors have been disappointing for some of you, but I am not sorry, nor should you be sorry, as it was all an aggregate reaction without true individuality. My continual and enduring wish is for wisdom.

Fraud and Greed

The essence of fraud is getting in someone’s way, or, “blocking the path”, and then crying foul when body meets body.

“magnanimity consists in enduring tactlessness with mildness”.

To be repeatedly invaded by someone who is in emotional turmoil (indignation directed at you) is today’s definition of hell.

“Cowardice is the mother of cruelty; and I have found by experience that malicious and inhuman animosity and fierceness are usually accompanied with feminine weakness. I have seen the most cruel people, and upon frivolous occasions, apt to cry.” (Michel de Montaigne)

hate and anger

He was being a bit too nice…. offering things that he never had, empty gestures that he later forgot about, replacing those empty gestures with new empty hopes, often speaking foolishly and insincerely, baiting, and asking questions that were not necessary to ask, using innuendo and ridicule to provoke irritation and anger because he learned that speaking carelessly and disrespectfully tends to bring out those same low qualities in the listener, and then after provoking your worst qualities, he would then use your bad performance as the foundation for his con-game of fraud and extortion.