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circumcision (revisited)

I was 17 or 18 when I was circumcised.   I didn’t have the communication skills and optimism that was required to work past my foreskin naturally, and instead I used the medical system to “quicken” the process of becoming and carrying on with my idealized peer group, which included the girl who was the most active coming in and out of my private life.  I suppose I do regret rushing into a sexual relationship and I wonder was circumcision really necessary?  I regret the feeling of gradually being overtaken by abuse of different kinds.   However, I don’t regret something I can’t control, meaning, the past is behind me and the only thing that is in my control is my capacity to choose a subject to appreciate, such as, “consideration, respect and affection for others.”   Regret, bitterness, malevolence, these are inner failures, the negative downward energy spiral is in fact, the loneliness, humiliation, suffering, and embarrassment, and giving full attention to the content of one’s mind clarifies the past.  The element of idealization, in every moment, is a shadow, and an excess of idealism is the abysmal darkness of abuse.


One source from Sparta, boys were all circumcised at Birth to ensure large population to intimidate other cultures.  Maximizing human reproduction via circumcision guaranteed strength in numbers.  Athens Greece introduced the coin and the concept of respect and affection broadened in dimensions, and hence, Athens overcame the stark brutality of Sparta.   Phimos means to muzzle, and as education flowers, we will speak more and more clearly to boys about circumcision and thereby reducing incidents of collective-desperation and collective-pressure these forces that circumcision is not separate from.



  1. larryzb says:

    Circumcision is not medically justified. In the US, the doctors make a lot of money off this unnecessary surgery. It does harm and should be resisted.

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