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or…. how about, don’t interfere with someone else’s autonomy? If you put pressure on someone for an idealistic outcome, then people will lie to you just to get you out of their face. You appear to them as if you are too shallow and immature to handle the truth. Never try to control others, or else, you will get lied to. I dislike lies, but even more than lies, I dislike begging, manipulation and coercion. How about, you’re a boring idiot and I don’t like hearing from you? Hurts, but it’s true.


when power corrupts

If you give power to someone who doesn’t have character, do you know what happens next? “You can’t do that!” And what is it she’s saying you can’t do? It’s something that you have the right to do, something that’s good for you to do, and healthy for you to do. The spineless bully tells you can’t do the things that are essential for your health. If you ask her why you can’t do it, she lies or exaggerates a danger. You’re not brave and smart enough! You’re not one of us!

dumb ass

Can you stop asking about what I did yesterday or 10 minutes ago? Why would it matter? The answer is that you’re not doing well, and therefore your mind is in the gutter, sniffing for dirt. You take pleasure in telling people what they can’t do. Why? Because you’ve got no genuine self respect, so how could you possibly respect other people?


Do you enjoy spending time with someone who calls you stupid and disrespects you routinely with ridicule and subtle insults? Well then why the fuck would I want to spend anymore time with you? Why would anyone find contentment in a situation where they are being abused with contempt? The only time I share time with an emotionally abusive person is when I have no choice. No, I do not seek your company, in fact, I loathe it. So why do you seek me out and question me about anything? The answer is that you are a repulsive fucking troll who has enough money to be an asshole without consequences. I will not deal with corruption, you are one sick puppy, what a repulsive fucking shame. There are lots of people who will be a door mat, I am not one of them – ROT IN HELL

causality and spirit

The totality of matter has no cause, so why does consciousness need a cause? The brain is a reducing valve for consciousness which is not separate from the totality of matter, which has no cause. A brain injury can send one into a coma, and so the lack of apparent consciousness has a cause (impaired brain), but the presence of consciousness implies a transcendence of cause and effect. Where does consciousness go when we are asleep or dead? In sleep as in death, consciousness returns to it’s transcendent creative eternal state.


Ever have one of those viral messages pop up on your PC trying to convince you you have a virus when you don’t? If you ignore the message you can continue using your PC without any problems. However, if you believe the lie, then you’ll play a game that is designed to cripple you. Many humans are cut from that same cloth, but instead of attacking your computer they attack your mind. They try to convince you there’s something wrong with your mind and then they offer you a “solution”. By saying yes to the invitation, you volunteer yourself to be butchered by their infectious slander, their sneering contempt and their childish, indignant scorn. Some groups need that appointed family trashcan, don’t be the scapegoat, walk way from the moral imbecile.

Escape from Sparktah

Escape from Sparktah

You don’t want what happened to Haymn to happen to you, do
you? If you knew what deep evil we are entangled in here, you would
escape from Sparktah immediately.

The way out of danger is to follow the line of least resistance, just as water flows out of the ravine.  When they call your name, it’s your time to fight so that you can survive for another day.